Nephi’s Harbor & the Jaredites 2022 Tour to Oman with George Potter

11 Days 10 Nights -- limited to 20 guests



George D. Potter has produced 13 documentary films and authored 7 published books: Lehi in the Wilderness (Endorsed by LDS scholar Hugh Nibley); The Voyages of the Book of Mormon; Wise Man of Bountiful; Nephi In the Promised Land, 10 More Amazing Discoveries, The White Bedouin and his latest book, Discovering the Amazing Jaredites. George has made presentations for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (twice for the LDS Chaplains Conference), the Ensign Magazine, BYU, and many LDS stakes and wards. While living in Saudi Arabia for 27 years he traveled extensively exploring Lehi’s Trail. He is credited for discovering candidates for Book of Mormon sites:  the Valley of Lemuel, Shazer, Most Fertile Parts, Bountiful, and Nephi’s Harbor.


George Potter is a CPA by profession and earned a Master’s Degree from the University of California, Berkeley. He is married to Cristina Potter also a Certified Public Accountant, owner-operator of a travel agency for 19 years and a Philippine Travel Agency Association member.

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·         Evening presentations by Explorer George Potter

·         Travel into the famous Empty Quarter desert crossed by the Lehites and Jaredites

·         Visit fruit orchards of Salalah and the beautiful National Park in Wadi Darbat (Bountiful)

·         Explore lower Wadi Darbat, the Frankincense harbor of Khor Rori (Nephi’s Harbor), including the ancient shipbuilding yard.

·         See alternative sites for Nephi’s Harbor, Khor Kharfort and Mughsayl

·         Visit ore and flint deposits on the “Mountain of Prayer” next to Wadi Darbat.

·         See the temple at Khor Rori where bronze plates with writing were discovered.

·         Visit Frankincense and maritime museum and see models of ancient ships.

·         Learn of the connection between Wadi Darbat, Genesis, The Jaredites, and the Prophet Job

·         Visit the traditional tomb of Job

·         Visit the capital of Muscat, Oman with its great mosque and traditional market.

·         Travel to Oman’s old capital, Nizwa, the city of the witches.

·         Traditional Oman farewell dinner at the springs of Ain Hamram.

·         5-Star Accommodations at the Rotana Beach Resort at Taqah, Oman, including buffet breakfast.


Day 1 - Thursday 22 September 2022

Arrive in evening at Muscat, Oman and relax in Hotel (optional trip to traditional market)

Day 2 – Friday 23 September: Tour to Nizwa and its medieval fortress (lunch included).

Nizwa Full Day (Muscat tours) : Oman Shore excursionsOman day tours , Nizwa day trip

Optional: Evening Cruise in a tradition Omani Dhow (ship). https://media.tacdn.com/media/attractions-splice-spp-674x446/0b/fb/14/00.jpg

Day 3 – September 24: Tour Muscat and its traditional marketplace. Pack and take afternoon flight to Salalah.

The Top 15 Things to Do in Muscat, OmanOman Pictures: View Photos & Images of Oman

Arrive at your hotel in Salalah and enjoy an afternoon stroll on the beach or swim in its massive pool.

Day 4 – September 25 Travel Lehi’s trail to the great Empty Quarter desert.






After our buffet breakfast, we drive in four-wheel drive trucks to the Lost City of Ubar, the final halt on the ancient frankincense trail (Lehi’s Trail) before it reached the Indian Ocean and the Land of Bountiful. We will visit the famous Empty Quarter, the largest sand desert in the world. After seeing the barren desert of Lehi’s trail we will stop at a fruit stand near the Indian Ocean and enjoy a fresh coconut drink. Lunch included.

Day 5 -  September 26  The Land of Bountiful







 After breakfast meeting in hotel we board our bus and visit the private museum of local historian and archaeologist Ali Shahir (if available).  Ali will show you how frankincense and myrrh are harvested, his research on southern Arabian ancient languages, explain how he grew up in Wadi Darbat, show you photographs of rock art of ancient ships in Wadi Darbat, explain how ancient bronze plates with writing on them were discovered at Khor Rori, show you his genealogy dating back to the brother of Biblical Jared – Ophir, show you maps of Ophir (wadi Darbat and Khor Rori), and the mountain known by locals as the mountain of prayer. Return briefly to hotel to refresh and possibly have lunch.  Afternoon – visit the waterfalls and lakes in the amazing National Park of Wadi Darbat and hike to the wild honey cave and the rock art of ancient ships in the wadi. From the cave we will look down on Khor Rori – Nephi’s Harbor. Evening presentation by George Potter – Khor Rori – Nephi’s Harbor.

Day 6   September 27 Nephi’s Harbor

Picture 29:00 AM Board the bus to Taqah and see the fruit orchards next to Khor Rori. Visit Neolitic village and the Taqah Castle. See where ore is found four miles from Khor Rori. Visit an ancient flint quarry and artifact site on the beach near Khor Rori.

Afternoon: visit UNESCO historical site at the ancient Frankincense Harbor at Khor Rori where we believe Nephi constructed his ship. At Khor Rori you will visit the ruins of Sumhuram (known as Sheba’s castle), explore ramps where ancient ships were built and lowered into the water, the harbor’s visitors center and museum, the temple of Khor Rori, and take photographs of the replica ships.

Day 7 September 28

Morning presentation by George Potter on the nature of Nephi’s Ship.

Afternoon visit the Frankincense Museum and Maritime Museum in Salalah – see ancient bronze plates from Khor Rori, a model of a Jaredite-era ship and other artifacts.  Explore the medieval harbor of Al-Bilad Shop in the traditional market for Frankincense and Myrrh and other souvenirs. Enjoy dinner at a Lebanese Restaurant (Dinner Included).

 Al Husn or Haffa Souk in Salalah, Oman

Day 8-  September 29 Visit Alternative candidates for Nephi Harbor and Shant

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Our bus will take us to view two alternative sites authors have proposed for Nephi’s Harbor: Khor Kharfort (Wadi Sayq) and Wadi Mughsayl.  We will view the wadi Sayq from the hill above. We will stop for photographs at the Wadi Mughsayl and visit the blow hole at Mushsayl, a world- class surfing location. We will continue to the beautiful shoreline of Shant. Lunch included.

Day 9 September 30

9:00 AM Morning: Board the bus for the fishing village of Merbat. Visit the Merbat Museum and see video on how wild honey is collected in Wadi Darbat. Visit gravity mountain and Baobob Tree (one to two places these African Trees grow in Arabia).

Afternoon, visit If weather permits, we will visit the waterfalls of Ayn Athum then drive to the top of Mount Samban for breathtaking views of the Salalah coastal plain. 

https://accordingtoathena.files.wordpress.com/2019/07/img_3791.jpg?w=676&h=507VS Private Tours | Arabian Extravaganza


Day 10 October 1

Morning presentation – on the Amazing Jaredites. Afternoon, change into swim wear (if desired). Return to Khor Rori and explore the impressive cliffs where Lehi camped and where Nephi’s brothers tried to throw him into the depths of the sea. Collect shells on the beach, swim, or simply contemplate what it would have been like for Nephi and his family to have sailed out of the harbor’s natural breakwater and embark on their long and dangerous voyage to the Promised Land. 

Day 11- Saturday 2 October

9:00 AM hotel:  Briefing by George on why the Prophet Job probably lived in Salalah. Travel up hills above Salalah to the Prophet Job’s Tomb. Visit the tomb of Mary’s father. Return to hotel to refresh, and then on to the springs of Ain Hamran for a traditional Omani dinner (lunch). 

Afternoon: Tour ends (Free time and early to bed)

Return to hotel for luggage and bus to airport for your flight home. 

Proceed to ancient flint quarry and see ore deposits in the hills above the flint quarry. Return to hotel for quick refresher stop.

Day 12 – Sunday October 2  Leave hotel at 3:00 AM for return flight home.

TOUR COST :  $2,650/pax  double occupancy classic room



Pricing: o Single Supplement                                                                                         $450

               o Child’s Rate staying with parents  (12 years & above)                       $2,005

               o Child’s Rate staying with parents (under 12 years)                             $1995

               o Rooms come with large bed and sofa bed for 2 children

                                1 extra bed is an addition $45 per night







·         5-Star Hotel accommodations at Rotana Beach Resort at Taqah

·         Daily guided tours by George Potter

·         Guided tours in Muscat by Omani Tours

·         Presentations by George Potter

·         Signed copy per family of George’s The Voyages of the Book of Mormon and Discovering the Amazing Jaredites

·         Buffet breakfast each morning + 2 lunches + 1 Lebanese dinner + 1 traditional Omani dinner

·         Air conditioned Bus Transport to and from tour locations

·         Traditional Omani meal for farewell event in Wadi Darbat (Oman)

·         Admission to museums, UNESCO sites and archaeological sites at Khor Rori

·         Airport pickup and return from hotel





·         Flights to and from Salalah (allows guests options to visit Israel, Jordan, Dubai, Egypt, etc.)

·         Tourist Visa to Oman

·         Dinners and lunches (water will be provided on the bus)

·         Voluntary Tips for the bus driver

·         Travel Insurance & Covid Insurance if still necessary, and if required for travel, Covid testing on exit by Hotel Clinic – cost US$52 dollars per guest.



To reserve, please make an advance deposit of US$950 dollars per person on or before June 30, 2022.  A Policies and Guidelines will be sent to you on receiving your deposit. The advance payment to the hotel and transportation deposit of US$950 is non-refundable and will confirm your booking with us. Make your reservation either by check or direct deposit to the account specified.


Deposits of $950 maybe paid any time until June 30, 2022. If extension to make a deposit is needed email George Potter at: follownephi@yahoo.com.

If you are positive you will be joining me, please notify me as soon as possible to reserve your place. Thank you,

George Potter