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Dr. Hugh Nibley commenting on our research  (Nov 7, 2003), "...After this, those who challenge the Book of Mormon will have some heavy explaining to do."                      






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Discovering the Amazing Jaredites is the result of the author’s tireless exploration of the dusty trails of Arabia’s outback. It is the stunning account of a mighty people who, in faith, braved the harsh wilderness and crossed the vast ocean. Their story will inspire and awe you—the account of a truly amazing people!



Our mission is to discover and research Book of Mormon archaeological sites, described in Nephi's own writings, and to share that information with others.

You can learn of our fascinating findings by ordering our documentary films and books or simply by reviewing our free articles in our Library page, Discoveries page, and Photo of the Month archives.

We promise that you will be amazed at the startling number of facts you'll find as evidence that the Book of Mormon is just what it claims to be.

We have also spread the exciting news of our discoveries in live presentations in several venues, including the Office of the Ensign Magazine, FARMS/BYU, FAIRMORMON, BYU Alumni Associations, BYU Management Societies, the Book of Mormon Lands Conference,

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Chaplains Conference

2005 and 2007, Institutes of Religion, and

many stake adult and youth firesides.

Our discoveries have been published by others, and even used in films and lectures. However, we remain the actual discoverers of over 200 new evidences that the Book of Mormon is indeed a true history. People therefore find that hearing of these discoveries from those who have personally made them and explain their significance carries the message much more effectively.

If you or your organization would like a free presentation, we urge you to contact

George Potter (follownephi@yahoo.com).


SO join us and feel the excitement of exploration and discovery!

You can order our documentary films on DVD and books by George Potter by clicking on the products below.

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Our Complete "Trail" Set of Six Films covering Lehi's 8 Year Journey through the Arabian Peninsula, from the Valley to Bountiful...

Discovering Lehi's Trail

- A Six-Part Series -

A 2-Disc Collector's Edition




these three Desert Films


                                        THE JAREDITES                          In Search of the REAL MOUNT SINAI




are Available On DVD



More Great Books & DVDs

By George Potter


George Potter Presents His Latest Challenge - A Dynamic Read -



Former managing editor of the Ensign magazine Jay Todd speaks of the book:


"Voyages is stunningly rich in new information, data, proposals, and insight--and utterly fascinating in its impressive and invigorating approach to Book of Mormon seafaring. Lehi in the Wilderness, Nephi in the Promised Land, and now Voyages of the Book of Mormon form a one-of-a-kind groundbreaking unit, likely to be seen for years to come, no matter what continues to be learned, as foundational and a classic in direction and scope."---Jay M. Todd, Former managing editor of the Ensign for 30 years, retired.


- All New Discoveries -

Nephi in the Promised Land


A Companion to Nephi In The Promised Land

George Potter's NEWEST DVD




The book that started it all...

Lehi in the Wilderness


The Research continues...

Ten More Amazing Discoveries




A wonderful book for the family

A Book of Mormon Christmas Story

"The Wise Men of Bountiful"



"A Breathtaking Setting.

A forbidden love. And a quest for truth..."

The White Bedouin





The People of Lehi

Plus two other

George Potter Films





Give the Gift of Discovery for the Family,

for a Friend.


Our Mission

The Nephi Project is dedicated to discovery. We know that The Book of Mormon is a true history and that compelling empirical evidence still exists to support that assertion. The Nephi Project is self- supported through public awareness programs that highlight its discoveries. These include live presentations, books, films and the Internet.


We support individual projects with the following objectives:

1.)  Discovering evidence for the Lehi–Nephi Trail to Bountiful.

2.)  Understanding the methods and materials used by Nephi to build his ship.

3.)  Gaining insights into Nephi’s ocean voyage to the New World.

4.)  Discovering the lands of the Nephites in the New World. 


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